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Our Story


Our Story

We have a close-knit team of creatives working on your jewelry every day. But Melanie didn't always have a team working behind her! As with any good small business story, Melanie Casey Fine Jewelry started with humble beginnings.

Melanie has a degree in finance and began her early career working for an investment company plugging away at spreadsheets. Creativity was not part of her day job, so she found herself in an evening jewelry class just for fun. Very quickly, Melanie realized that this was her passion and her future. It was time to plan a way to make this hobby her career. For years following, Melanie took every class, read every book, and sought out any learning opportunity she could find. Above all, she practiced. A craft that started as Melanie's side hobby a decade ago has now become a business with a dedicated team of jewelers, stylists, and client liaisons behind her. A dream job come true!

At Melanie Casey, our first priority is quality. This is why we have decided to keep all production in-house. Our team of master goldsmiths work together in our North Andover, MA studio to carefully execute each design from start to finish. Melanie spends many hours on the bench during the week alongside her team to ensure that each and every piece is perfect. This care and attention during the making process ensures that your piece of fine jewelry will arrive glittering beautifully, and will hold up over time.

Our limited edition pieces are handmade one by one using the most unique gemstones that we can find. Because we are using rare and unique gemstones, we do sell out of favorites sometimes, but there is always something new on the horizon! Each stone will be skillfully selected, set by hand, and our polish is done the old way, the right way, and with no shortcuts. That's why we can say that our pieces are made with great care and love for the craft, from our hands to yours.

With the detail of each design, it's clear that each ring is brought to life with delicacy and thoughtfulness. Melanie's passion is evident in every ring, and it is felt in each interaction with both her and her team.

Mallory R., Ohio

When I got engaged I knew that this was exactly what I wanted my wedding band to look like. It is absolutely beautiful and I am a HUGE fan of my wedding band and Melanie Casey Jewelry. They were incredibly helpful and kind.

Kaity C., California

To ease my concerns about ordering a ring online, I emailed back and forth with some of the Melanie Casey team members and I was so impressed with their quick responses and their awesome customer service. I could not be happier with my decision to order this ring and it is even more beautiful in person!

Emily Q., Illinois

I absolutely adore this ring! Not only is it actually handmade, it's quality handmade.

Jessica M., Maryland

PERFECT. Perfect is the word that fully describes my experience with Melanie Casey.

Hannah M., Illinois


Craftsmanship & Quality

In an industry that is constantly evolving, we are eager to continue to learn, adapt, grow, and experiment with our artisan jewelry line. We keep the collection fresh by constantly brainstorming new layouts, techniques, and styles. We love mixing and matching different cuts and colors of gemstones.

Our studio and showroom is a 30-minute drive from Boston in North Andover, Massachusetts. There, every week, we are working tirelessly together to make your online ordering experience seamless, and to provide you with a selection of delicate jewelry that will express your unique style in a lovely, timeless way.

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