Perfect Fit Ring Sizer

$   $10
Perfect Fit Ring Sizer
Perfect Fit Ring Sizer
Perfect Fit Ring Sizer Perfect Fit Ring Sizer

Perfect Fit Ring Sizer

$   $10

We’re here to help you find your ring size! Our Perfect Fit Ring Sizer allows you to try on a real ring that our jewelers made so you can be 100% certain that the ring you purchase fits comfortably. (NOTE: This listing gets you one sizer only. If you need more than one, you’ll need to add this listing to your cart twice.)

Your Perfect Fit Sizer will be a blank, flat sterling silver ring that one of our jewelers made in your size. It’s meant to represent the width and overall fit of your final ring. (But it won’t be the same height as the ring you choose.) Try it on. Wear it for a few days, and then return it to us for a full refund (minus the shipping costs).

Have you used our Free Plastic Ring Sizer to get a better idea of the size you need? If not, please go here and order one before you move on to this more precise Perfect Fit Ring Sizer.

If the Free Plastic Ring Sizer said you’re somewhere between two sizes, we suggest purchasing two of the Perfect Fit Ring Sizers to see which one fits the best. And as you’re testing them out, it’s a good idea to spend a day wearing each one because the size of your finger fluctuates throughout the day.

Why use the Perfect Fit Sizer? Ring sizes aren’t universal. So working directly with us ensures that the ring you order will be... well, perfect! Plus, it helps you avoid having to send your ring back to have it resized.

Have questions? Ask one of our friendly sizing experts! Email us at for a personal recommendation on sizing.

A blank, flat sterling silver ring, custom made to match the band width of your selected design.

Allow about 3 to 5 business days for us to make your Perfect Fit Sizer Ring.

Shipping times vary. If you live outside of the U.S., please expect up to 20 days for your sizer to arrive.

Please note: These will ship with USPS Priority Mail.

Once you’re done, send the Perfect Fit Sizer back to us, and we’ll recycle it and issue a full refund (minus all shipping costs).

We’ll include all of the packaging materials you’ll need for return shipping.


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