Ring Sizing & Metal Selection

Metal & Finish Options

  • Our collection is handmade in solid 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, and platinum only.
  • Please note that our white gold contains nickel and is not rhodium plated. (Natural white gold has a warmer tone than plated white gold, so please note this if you are adding to your current ring stack.) Feel free to have our pieces plated locally if you prefer the stark white color. This is the only service that can be performed by someone other than our jewelers without voiding our warranty.
  • Most of our engagement rings and wedding bands are also available in platinum, by request only. Click here to talk to a Customer Care Specialist.
  • Some items are only available in one metal color. If your metal preference is not available, please email us to inquire about any plans to create the piece in your desired color. 
  • All of our pieces have a bright, shiny, polished finished. If you would prefer a brushed matte finish, please email us as soon as you've placed your order.

Sizing Options

Ring sizing is not universal. We strongly suggest that you capture your size with one of these tools before we make your jewelry:

  • The Perfect Fit Sizer—We highly recommend this tool. It’s a sterling silver sizer that is made in the same width as the ring you plan to order and the best way to ensure that your jewelry will fit perfectly on the first try. (When you’re done, you can return the Perfect Fit Sizer to us so we can recycle it, and we’ll refund you for the value of your sizer minus shipping.) Order your Perfect Fit sizer here.
  • Free Plastic Sizer—This is a U.S. sizing belt that’s great for finding your general measurement. Order a free sizer here.

Our listings only give you the option to select half sizes because those are the most common. If you need a quarter size, please email us so our client liaisons can adjust the size on your order. We need any updated size information within three days of placing your order.