Do you make custom designs?

No, we specialize in handcrafting a wide variety of unique and made-to-order pieces that tell stories with gemstones and gold. While we don’t make entirely “custom” designs or make stone substitutions, you can often upgrade the size of your diamond. Talk to one of our client liaisons about diamond upgrades and our made-to-order design approach.

 Check out our Loose Stones Collection to spark ideas!


Can you customize one of your existing designs?

No, creating unique, fully completed pieces that express the Melanie Casey touch of artistry is our specialty. That said, we don’t customize our existing designs or make stone substitutions.

 But keep in mind—most of the time you can upgrade the size of your diamond to make an even bigger statement!


I found a design I like, but I want a bigger focal stone. Can you upgrade it?

We would love to talk with you about that! For engagement ring designs, the answer will almost always be “Yes!” Send us an email at questions@melaniecasey.com to start that conversation.


I have an heirloom stone. Can you use it in your setting?

Yes, sometimes. We reset round and oval diamonds that are GIA certified and only into one of our Unveiled ring designs. Connect with one of our client liaisons for a quote and more information about our specific policies.


Can I purchase just the setting without the center stone?

No, quality is our top priority, and that’s why we present completed pieces, from our hands to yours. Melanie Casey hand-selects each stone to ensure that her high standards for color, clarity, and overall beauty are met. And each piece is set by our expert jewelers.


Do you work with moissanite or lab-grown diamonds?

We do not work with moissanite, but we do work with lab-grown diamonds for certain engagement rings (that are 0.5ct. or greater), upon request. Applicable pieces will have a note about lab-grown diamond availability in the “Details” tab on their listing page.

We are perfectionists when it comes to the quality of your jewelry. And that includes our commitment to care for the environment, maintain high ethical standards, practice sustainable sourcing methods, and use recycled gold.

Learn more about our sourcing here. And feel free to talk with one of our Customer Care Specialists if you’re interested in using a lab-grown diamond for your piece.


I loved a one-of-a-kind or limited-edition piece, but it sold already. Can you make me another one?

We are so sorry that happened! When those pieces sell, they’re (almost always) out of stock, but there’s a chance that we happen to have the stone you need. Start by asking one of our client liaisons about the piece you were interested in. It really depends on the availability of the stones.

We love dreaming up new designs, and our collections are ever-changing. So be sure to check our New Arrivals Collection to find the pieces that are fresh from the jewelers’ bench.


Can I try on a piece virtually?

No, but stay tuned! Try-on boxes of replica pieces will be available in 2021. Stay in the know by subscribing to our email list and following us on Instagram.