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Our deadline for holiday orders has passed. Orders placed after October 26, 2020 will arrive in early 2021. Read more about this and our Black Friday plans here.

Ring Sizing

We’re here to help you find your ring size! We have two great options for finding your measurement, ensuring the right fit in a way that’s easiest for you.

Start with our free plastic sizer to get a good idea of the best size for your finger.  Then you can order a refundable silver Perfect Fit sizer, made for you in your specified size for the ring you have chosen. You can wear the sizer for a few days to be certain that your ring will fit perfectly throughout your day!

Necklace Sizing

All of our necklaces are available in specific chain lengths, which can be found in the description of the one you have in mind. All necklaces come with a spring ring clasp. All 18" chains will have a 16" stationed jump ring to allow the necklace to be worn at either length. Necklace chain length cannot be customized. To determine how the necklace will fit, we suggest using a string cut to the same length, and tying it around your neck to see how the length looks on you.

Bracelet Sizing

Sizing for a cuff bracelet can be tricky! Our cuffs are designed to fit an average 6" wrist. If your wrists are smaller, the cuff will fit a bit more loosely. You can slightly tighten it by hand in order to adjust it to the fit you prefer.

Chain bracelets can be measured using the string method. Cut a string in the specified length from the bracelet's description, and tie it around your wrist to see how the bracelet will look on you.