Help - Warranty and Care

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We stand by our work. We are proud to provide a lifetime warranty on each and every one of our pieces, so you can rest assured that your Melanie Casey jewelry will be lovingly cared for whenever the need for service arises. 

For as long as you own your jewelry, we will provide repairs as needed. Our highly skilled repair specialist will evaluate your piece and communicate with you about recommended repairs. In addition, you may send us your jewelry at any time for a complimentary thorough cleaning and inspection, just to ensure it's in top shape and sparkling beautifully!
There are a few limitations to our warranty:
  • The replacement of lost center stones valued over $500 is not included in our warranty. We recommend you obtain insurance for your piece for the unlikely event of a focal stone falling out or becoming damaged.
  • Many of our pieces feature one of a kind stones. If these stones become damaged, we will do our best to replace it with a comparable stone, but color and type may vary due to availability. 
  • Clients are responsible for shipping costs from and to our studio for cleanings, inspections, and repair work. International clients, please check with your customs office about whether or not import fees or customs will be charged on repaired pieces. These costs are your responsibility. 
  • All repair work (with the exception of replacement focal stones valued over $500) is free within the first three years of ownership. After three years of ownership, a small labor or materials fee may apply for your repair service. It is normal for minor wear and tear to occur when fine jewelry is worn daily. If your piece's repair needs fall beyond normal wear and tear, we will let you know about the labor or materials fee associated with your service after it is evaluated by our repair specialist.
  • The warranty is void if you take your piece to another jeweler for resizing or repair work. Please send it to us, as we know the designs and are highly trained to work with such delicate pieces!
If your Melanie Casey piece is in need of repair, please fill out this form to pay for return shipping and to get your repair request entered in our service schedule. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to provide additional information about the service you require. You can find jewelry care tips below!


If you plan to privately insure your Melanie Casey jewelry, an appraisal can be requested at the time of your jewelry purchase for no additional fee. Appraisals are available for pieces valued at 1,000usd and up.  An appraisal must be requested within one year of purchase date, or fees may apply.


Jewelry Care

To keep your jewelry in great condition, we recommend: