New Arrivals

The evergreen New Arrivals Collection features the pieces that are fresh from the jewelers’ bench. Melanie Casey and our close-knit team of creatives are constantly dreaming up new ideas, and it’s our joy to keep you updated.

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Half Round Band (14k Yellow Gold)Half Round Band (14k White Gold)Half Round Band (14k Rose Gold)
Starting at $450
14k Yellow Gold14k White GoldDouble Sideline Band (14k Rose Gold, 5mm)
Starting at $790
14k Yellow Gold14k Rose Gold14k White Gold
Starting at $3,900
Simple Concave Band (14k Yellow Gold, 5mm)Simple Concave Band (14k White Gold, 5mm)Simple Concave Band (14k Rose Gold, 5mm)
Starting at $790
Hammered Band (14k Yellow Gold, 2mm)Hammered Band (14k White Gold, 2mm)Hammered Band (14k Rose Gold, 2mm)
Starting at $265
Virtual Gift Card
Starting at $50