Our 4 Favorite Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are an extra special addition created to perfectly accompany your engagement ring. They represent not only your commitment to one another, but also who you are as a couple. At Melanie Casey, we craft wedding bands that are intentionally designed to reflect your story. Here are 4 of our favorites! 

1. Many Moons Band

With its thirteen shining diamonds set in 14k gold, our Many Moons Band is a truly timeless piece. Designed to sweetly shine nestled next to your engagement ring, on its own, or layered in a stack, this band is one of our favorites. 

2. LOVE Morse Code Ring

In a way, by spelling out “L-O-V-E” in diamond Morse code, our LOVE Morse Code Ring speaks of your story. This band looks beautiful on its own, in a stack or worn next to your engagement ring, and will never forget to remind you just how loved you are. 

3. Diamond By the Bushel Ring

Our Diamond By the Bushel Ring represents how your love has grown over the years. We love how the marquise diamonds wrap beneath your engagement ring like a vine. It pairs perfectly with a variety of diamond cuts, making it an easy favorite.

4. Hammered Band

Although we really love a good sparkle, diamonds aren’t always essential. One of our favorite bands, the Hammered Band, is the perfect example of this. This band ranges in your choice of width from a more minimal 2mm to a robust 8mm, making it a great addition to any engagement ring. The textured hand-hammered edges tell a story no other band could.