Engagement ring budgeting?

Here's the comforting truth.

Shopping for an engagement ring can be stressful.
But get ready to relax because here are some budgeting pointers that’ll put your eyes on artful designs instead of dollar signs.

We probably shouldn’t let you in on this first little secret, but...
The price of your engagement ring does not determine the value it will have in your life.

You’re thinking: That’s nice. But how much should I spend on an engagement ring?
Well, we can’t tell you exactly what you should spend. Be we’d love to help you along the way.

Let’s start by addressing the not-so-helpful advice you might have heard already.


“Oh, don’t worry about the cost. Love is priceless. Follow your heart.” (We’re rolling our eyes with you.)


“Find this year’s average cost for an engagement ring and make that your budget.” (No thanks.)


“Save up about two-month’s worth of your salary and spend about that much.” (Wait, why?)

Enjoy the journey.
This is supposed to be fun.

While you’re wading through all the rules about how you’re “supposed” to do it, you know what you’re missing out on? The beauty of the moment. So first—remember to stop once in a while, set the bank statements aside, and soak in the joy of shopping for the one you love.

Of course, price matters. (But it's not everything.)

The “don’t worry about money” advice (Not-So-Helpful Advice #1) is simply unrealistic for most people. It’s a half-truth. (The “don’t worry” part is pretty good though.) Following your heart is important, but unless you’re sitting in a bathtub full of cash right now, you have to take price into consideration. Part of following your heart is also being aware of your financial boundaries and making a smart, on-budget decision.

"Averages" are irrelevant. How much you pay is not the point.

As you’re just getting started on your ring-purchase journey, it might be helpful to have rough figures in mind to give you at least some idea of what to expect.

For example, the most commonly purchased carat weight from Melanie Casey is 1ct., and the average price for those 1ct. rings is approximately $11,000. But don’t put too much stock in that figure. Because remember...

The relationship you have is completely unique. It’s not “average.” So why turn to the law of averages when it comes to buying an engagement ring? Not-So-Helpful Advice #2 tends to miss the main point, which is to honor your partner and the story you share. An “average” ring can’t do that.

More expensive doesn't necessarily mean "better."

Remember: The price of your engagement ring does not determine its value. You do. For some, the significance of an engagement ring might include a financial sacrifice. But it doesn’t have to. Saving up for a couple months (Not-So-Helpful Advice #3) leads some people astray because it’s predicated on the false idea that the more you spend, the greater your love must be. It’s an arbitrary rule.

What if the higher priority was to find the ring that illustrates the unique beauty of your love story with the highest level of artistry and craftsmanship available?

Then you’re in the right place.

Here’s the comforting truth: If you purchase an engagement ring from Melanie Casey, you don’t have to get caught up in all the “rules” for how much you “should” spend.

Why? Because if it’s a Melanie Casey piece, you can rest assured that you’ll get a beautiful, meaning-packed ring that was exquisitely handcrafted just for you. No matter what, whether you spend $400 or $40,000.

This is your moment! Discover the joy and comfort of exploring our Engagement Ring Collection, knowing that you’re guaranteed to find the perfect ring, regardless of the price.