5 Stunning Alternative
 Engagement Ring Designs

When searching for the perfect engagement ring, traditional may not be for you - and that’s more than okay! We’ve compiled a list of 5 Stunning Alternative Engagement Ring Designs to help capture your uniqueness and tell your love story. 

1. Rose Cut Waterway Ring

Although from afar this ring may initially look traditional, it is really anything but. Meeting in the middle of a stunning .4ct. rose cut focal stone, rose cut diamonds cascade down our Rose Cut Waterway Ring's tapered sides. This ring is delicate, yet bold—defying tradition.

2. Diamond Trellis in Giverny Ring

When it comes to alternative engagement rings, our Diamond Trellis in Giverny Ring is one of our favorites. This beauty features more traditional stones with its brilliant round cut diamonds set in 14k yellow gold, but is inherently whimsical due to the artistic placement of these stones.

3. Clear Water Ring

Color is another way to step outside of the box when searching for an alternative engagement ring. Our Clear Water Ring sparkles with the hues of the ocean, emanating tranquility and bliss— making it another top choice of ours.

4. Sapphire Sundial Ring

Our colorful Sapphire Sundial Ring is beautiful as an alternative engagement ring as well. Featuring a one of a kind 1.34ct., unheated lime-green sapphire and eight sweet accent diamonds hidden underneath, it is truly one of our faves.

5. Drawing Room Ring

Another incredible alternative choice for the engagement you’ve been dreaming up is our Drawing Room Ring. This intricate beauty features a mix of round brilliant cut diamonds and a rose cut diamond center creating an unforgettable, romantic, and surprising look.