Jan 15th, 2021

Melanie Casey got engaged in a shed. What's your story?

Melanie Casey got engaged in a shed. What's your story?
We love a good love story! The story of Melanie Casey Jewelry started in a shed, and Melanie and Jon's story shared the same beginning! Check it out, then tell us your story!


Melanie and Jon’s story is kicking off a little series we’re calling “Your Story” In the coming months, we will be sharing videos of real couples discussing intimate topics like: 


-Is change possible? 

-The importance of compromise

-How to keep a good thing going strong


We want to break down the myths and barriers around romance, and get to the heart (sorry)

of real relationships. 


And we’re starting right now! 


We want to hear how you got engaged. Send us anything that captures your special moment  -- an Instagram-worthy photo of your ring with a caption about how it all happened, a short written story, a video of you and your partner recounting the experience, etc! You’ll have the opportunity to be featured on our blog, as well as on our Instagram story highlights. 


Email your story to YourStory@melaniecasey.com. We can’t wait to hear it! ❤️