Your Story | January 2021

We recently asked you, our dear readers, and our email subscribers to share their engagement story.
(To kick it off, we had Melanie herself and her husband Jon tell the story of how they got engaged.) 

We received so many beautiful submissions. Here is one that particularly touched us. Congratulations to Brittany on her special moment!

Brittany's Story:

"The day after Christmas we went to Barnes and Noble to make a return. I love reading and therefore love bookstores. My daughter said she wanted to get a book while we were there (she loves to read like me). We got to the children’s section and she showed me the book she wanted. The title was: “My Reasons Why.” From page 2, I knew he was going to propose. The characters in the book looked like us. It was him and me. At the end of the book, he said, “Will you marry me?” I cried, he cried, my daughter giggled. Our family and a photographer were hidden in the bookshelves. Literally the sweetest, most thoughtful proposal ever."