Jun 7th, 2019

Need Your Ring Resized?

Need Your Ring Resized?

Sometimes the ring you receive doesn't fit quite right. We are always happy to help with the resizing process!

When your ring is in need of a resize we ask that you send it to us at the Melanie Casey studio instead of taking it to an outside jeweler. Our jewelers are experienced in working with our unique and delicate line of jewelry, and, better yet, sending it to us keeps your warranty valid!

First, please submit the resize form found here if you've had your ring for less than 30 days, and the form found here if you've had it for longer than 30 days. The $10.50 you'll pay covers the return shipping costs to get your resized ring back home to you! This form also gets your resize request entered into our production process, so it's important to submit it before sending your ring to us following the instructions on that listing.

Once your jewelry arrives here, it can take some time for the full process of resizing to be completed. You may ask why a simple resize would take longer than the initial sizing or ordering process. We are going to break down what goes into the process of resizing your Melanie Casey jewelry.

As soon as your ring is received by our customer service team, it gets put into our system and is given its own envelope and job number so we can keep track of it the entire time.

It is then handed over to our repair specialist and goes through a detailed intake procedure. During this part of the process, the piece is thoroughly evaluated by jewelers who are not only well versed in the Melanie Casey line, but who also have extensive repair experience and know just what to look for when any piece comes in for a little TLC.

We want to ensure that your ring is in tip top shape and since we have it back in our hands, we are going to look it over and make sure no other work may be needed. Sometimes even if a ring is just in for a simple resize our jewelers will notice something unrelated, like a thinning prong, and we make sure to take care of any issues so it is sent back to you in perfect condition. We take stock of all the characteristics of the ring in its current condition. What are we looking for? Here is our checklist:

  • Determine the current size of the ring. We always like to double check where we are starting.
  • The condition of the shank, or band. Is it out of round? Does it sit flat? Are there any areas that are too thin?
  • Stone condition. Is anything loose? Is there any stone damage such as abrasions, chips, or scratches?
  • Prong or setting condition. Are all prongs intact? Are they thick enough? Is there any unusual wear to the base of the settings?
  • Overall appearance or issues. Every once in a while, an odd problem will crop up, so we make sure to give a general look over everything to be sure it all looks sound.

Once this initial evaluation is complete, the ring is sent to be cleaned. Then it is sent back to the jeweler completing the evaluation for another look. You wouldn’t believe what a little dirt can cover up! So we do a double check to make sure, now that it is cleaned, that we didn’t miss anything and no other issues were hiding under any dirt or debris that may have been stuck in the ring from normal daily wear.

The jeweler records every little detail of what was observed from the evaluation and writes out every task that needs to be completed on the piece while it's here. They then reach out to our customer service team to let them know this stage is complete.

The customer service team emails every client who has sent their piece in for resize or repair to let them know that their jewelry has been evaluated and if we saw any issues that they need to be aware of. In some cases this step needs you, the client, to approve of our findings before we can move on, so make sure to check for that update! 

After the client has been contacted and any repairs or condition issues have been approved of by them, the job finally moves to the bench for work! But even this step is taken with great care. The repair specialist will take the time to assign your job to the right jeweler for the task. Maybe that’s someone who has more experience in that specific design or who has a background in repairs to work around the delicate settings and stones if needed.

When a piece of jewelry has had work done on it before, it requires a little extra care to work on it again. The same is true for a piece that has been worn and exposed to everything we put our jewelry through on a daily basis. Even the best jewelry owner can’t prevent the occasional bump, tug, rubbing, or dirt buildup.

Here are just some examples of the extra steps we may have to take:

  • If the ring had been sized before, our jeweler will want to make sure to find the original seam and size it again from there to ensure the structural integrity of the piece.
  • If there is a thin spot on the shank we may decide to cut that out and put a fresh piece of metal in (known in the fine jewelry world as reshanking), so it wears better and lasts longer for the client.
  • This also includes completing any other tasks the repair specialist laid out. Sometimes there is nothing else a piece needs, other times it may need a stone tightened or a prong tip rebuilt. Whatever it is, we make sure to take the time to take care of it! After the work is finished and the piece is polished, it goes through the same rigorous quality check process all of our pieces get. Finally it is packed up and sent back to its loving owner!

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of the journey your ring will take here at Melanie Casey to get you the perfect size. Sometimes the process can be a bit lengthy but we want to make sure your piece is perfect and lasts a lifetime and we appreciate your patience in letting us take the time to get there!