Jul 3rd, 2019

How We Ship Our Jewelry Worldwide!

How We Ship Our Jewelry Worldwide!
As an online business, we love the fact that we can send our designs to people all over the world. However, with jewelry shipments, this requires some very intentional and supervised steps in order to ensure safe delivery.

We are lucky to partner with Parcelpro, an offset of UPS that specializes in helping businesses ship small, valuable items, such as jewelry. It is through this program that we can ensure all of our packages are fully insured from door to door.

Of course, in order to make sure we’re shipping safely and responsibly, there are certain requirements we must follow for each shipment. All of our packages (excluding ring sizers) must have a signature for delivery. This is something on which Parcelpro is very strict - we are incapable of waiving it, for any reason, in order to uphold our insurance on the package. Our packages also must list “Melanie Casey” on the shipping label; however, we cannot mention jewelry or any affiliated words in order to avoid theft. And only we as the sender are allowed to alter the delivery method, if a reroute or hold is necessary. These policies are all to protect you, the recipient of our jewelry!

Our domestic shipments are sent via UPS, and usually arrive 2 days after leaving our studio. UPS will attempt to deliver three times over three business days, however, if you can’t be home to sign for a package, we do have a few alternatives to home delivery. We often send packages to workplace addresses, or to friends or family members who can provide an adult signature. If you need your package to be rerouted to a new address after it has shipped, let us know! We can accommodate such requests.

We can also arrange for packages to be held for pickup at the UPS sorting facility. These locations, called Customer Centers, are the only UPS facilities that are capable of holding our packages while insured. UPS Stores are privately owned franchises, and so a package delivered to a UPS store is not covered under shipping insurance after it has been signed for by the clerk. A UPS Customer Center will hold a package for five business days, and a government-issued photo ID and the tracking number are needed to pickup the package. A hold-for-pickup can be arranged at any time during a package’s journey, and if you miss the three delivery attempts, we’ll set it up automatically!

Our international packages are sent via FedEx, who also handles customs clearance for all countries except France. Because of our special type of FedEx account, we cannot guarantee hold-for-pickup requests, and so we recommend that clients concerned about home delivery consider shipping to a workplace address, or friend or family member who can provide a signature. While international shipping can be daunting, we are able to say that it is the rarest occasion that a package is considered undeliverable, as FedEx will work with us solve nearly all delivery complications. And, as always, the packages are fully insured for their entire trek.

Making sure our jewelry reaches our customers securely is a high priority, and we’re dedicated to taking the necessary steps to lessen the risk of loss, theft, or damaged packages. If you have an issue with delivery, or a concern about shipping, know that we are ready to help in any way we can. We have a dedicated shipping team, ready and willing to solve any issues that may arise. While we’ll miss seeing your face as you first open up that Melanie Casey Jewelry box, we’re happy to know it is in your hands, safe and sound and sparkling.